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A .NET library for reading S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data from hard drives using various methods.

Reading hard drive SMART attributes and serial number can be tricky sometimes, especially for those complex device connections and configurations. eg. if some hard drives are connected indirectly via extension adapter cards, there is no predefined rule for accessing drive info through those adapters, and practically, the actual working rule can change between revisions of the driver and/or firmware of those adapters. so, most of the general libraries or utilities won't able to read SMART data successfully in these scenarios, the only practical way to do it is write your own little application to read them.

MaxSMART helps you to write your own SMART application for your own specific hardware system configuration, by supporting various method and exposing low-level information and variable parameters, provides maximum flexibility and control, through high-level api interfaces.

MaxSMART is a mix-mode .NET assembly written in C++/CLI, it exposes fully managed .NET interfaces, it aloso includes a DEMO application called GetSMART, written in C# and WPF, to demostrate the usage of the library, and also helps you to detemine the correct working rule on your system.

See the Documentation page for more detailed information.

MaxSMART is written in C++/CLI so it depends on Microsoft C Runtime Library (MSVCR100.DLL), which can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center

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